COVID changed a lot of things; and no one was completely unaffected—unless they lived on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. The global pandemic sharpened some things and blurred a lot of other things. But through it all, there were still babies being born and couples getting married. And although a lot of wedding plans were shoved around, some of them happened just as they were supposed to: Kimberley & Jerry’s day was one of the “supposed to’s.”

They didn’t want a huge wedding in an expensive venue with lots of decorations and extravagant food. Instead, they chose an intimate setting in Kimberley’s backyard with their closest family. The decorations were elegant with simple blue hydrangeas and white roses. The venue was peaceful: God’s creation adding the finishing touches of song birds, blue sky and a quiet field beyond the yard. Enchanting, I even saw a cardinal perched on one of the ceremony’s white folding chairs.

Not wanting the fanfare and expense of a huge wedding, Kimberley chose to wear one of her favorite dresses—something that already hung in her closet. This day was about something bigger than a new dress. It was about a fresh start, a strong commitment to each other, and a desire to carve out a new life.

In addition to family, two sweet friends added to the beauty of the day: one watching the ceremony from her hotel room in Switzerland, and one serving the most delectable food in the kitchen (and keeping a loving hand on the dog). Kimberley and Jerry walked together to stand in front of the pastor.

There were tears during the ceremony: happy, grateful tears. The kind that christen a ceremony and cause one to reflect on the goodness and provision of an intimate and loving Heavenly Father. Second marriages come weighted with a lot of considerations but Kimberley and Jerry approached this life commitment with prayer and deliberation and their ceremony and vows reflected that.

The event ended as it should: with two families blending together in photos, fellowship, and the sharing of a meal. It was a beautiful start to something very precious. Kimberley and Jerry: wishing you both happiness as you start your lives together…

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threestrand cord is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12