Small commitment,big reward.

Autumn is my favorite time of year: cooler temperatures, bluer skies, colorful leaves. Not to mention crisp apples, pumpkin muffins, bon fires, and hot apple cider. It's also my favorite season to take pictures!

Some photographers refuse to do mini-sessions. And after doing them for a few years, I get it: they're fast paced and a ton of work. Plus, most of the clients who do mini-session won't book a full session, so in a way, you're undercutting your business. I get that, too. But there's a deeper reason l do mini-sessions: I love families.

I know my mini-sessions client probably won't book the more expensive, full sessions—but I've seen how these photos bless them. They put them on their Christmas cards and send them to loved ones. They order prints and hang them on their walls, or make gifts for the grandparents. And, in a few years, they'll look back at them are realize how quickly time flies; how precious life is. These photos are a gift today and a treasure tomorrow.

And the return on investment is unlike any other job I've ever had. In a few months, when my mailbox is stuffed with Christmas cards, I'll have the immense pleasure of slicing open envelopes to see the same smiling faces I saw through my viewfinder. And that brings me joy. And hopefully, it's bringing joy to others, too. This is why I do what I do: to create family treasures.

Interested in a Fall 2020 mini-session? Sessions cost $130 and include 8 hi-res digital images. After your session, I'll cull through your session and upload the best ones. You'll choose your 8 favorites, which I will then post-process: checking color, exposure and blemishes. Once I'm done, I'll upload your final images to your online gallery and you can download and use them immediately.

To sign-up for a session, click on the date and location below and it will take you to the signup—