I'm a Visionary.

I recently took one of those silly, online surveys and was surprised by the result: it claims I'm a visionary. Doubtful, I read through the description thinking it might be so vague that it'd fit anyone—like your horoscope or an old pair of sweatpants.

But I agreed with most of what it said: I'm "an artist, a visionary—someone who pays attention to detail." Now that's a description I can stand behind... and it's better than any horoscope!

I've discovered that branding photography is the perfect collaboration of creative and technical—an intersection of my Communications degree and Graphic Design experience. Photography isn't outdated. In the most photographed generation to date, professional photography is immeasurably more important than ever in demonstrating who you are and what what you're about. Everyone deserves to show the world how remarkable they really are!

The truth is, I spend my days like any creative professional: juggling vision and passion with the mundane tasks of running a business. Serving my clients and watching them stand out from the competition is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

photo of me smiling at the camera

Life on the other side of the camera...

I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, a teacher—the list goes on. I love reading, baking, and bike riding. I’d like to add “gardening” to this list, but I don't think pulling weeds should count as a hobby. And although I love hiking, the beach is where my heart finds peace. I love everything about it: the surf, the sand, the sun.

If I could have more hours in my day, I'd spend them reading. I'm hoping reading is something I can do when I get to heaven. Has any theologian ever tackled that question? "Will we have the opportunity to read in heaven?" I hope so! I usually steal a few minutes here and there during the day to flip a few pages. Currently, I have a historical fiction stashed on my night stand, on the kitchen baker's rack is a business book and a health-ful book. The book tucked in the door pocket of my car is about managing the digital distractions in my life. And there are few more waiting their turn in a stack in my bedroom. Did I mention the reading list on my phone?

I also teach Digital Photography and Photoshop/Lightroom to high school students. It is a privilege and a pleasure! It's a small way to shape the next generation and it's my hope to instill in my students an appreciation for great photography AND the desire to capture their own stunning photographs. And as any teacher will tell you, there are golden moments that stand out, giving you a glimpse into the lives and hearts of your students. Those moments are the reasons why I teach.

My favorite time of day has always been the rosy glow of evening. I see life as though I'm looking through a camera viewfinder—I'm sure it annoys my friends and family, as I can't count how many times I've said, "Wait! What a great shot..."

"Hot-Rodding" in my dad's Chevy SSR :)

Me with the men in my family—

I love to eat out!

Coffee date with my best friends

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