They're fast and furious...

This fall, I held my my mini -sessions on a Sunday afternoon at the University of Richmond. What a gorgeous campus! Everywhere I looked was picturesque but I had to narrow down my locations as mini-sessions are fast and furious—to get maximum mileage out of a 20-minute session. I decided to use the area around Westhampton Lake and the courtyard by the Commons and UR Spider Shop. Thankfully, it was a gorgeous fall day, and we were able to get some great shots in a short amount of time. My parents even came at the very end to get their picture taken—

Below, enjoy some of my favorite shots from this Fall’s mini-session.

Interested in my mini-sessions? Make sure you’re on my mailing list, as I only announce mini-sessions through email—and they tend to fill up fast. Wondering when my next mini-session is? I’m planning on doing minis this spring, probably in March, 2023.

Q: “What’s the difference between a mini-session and a family session?”

A: Mini-sessions are marvelous, but they come with some limitations. For a mini-session, I determine the date, location and offer 20-minute time slots. And multiple families are scheduled back-to-back—which means we don’t have a lot of wiggle room. They’re subject to the wind and weather; they only get rescheduled if it’s a washout or very windy. If you’re running late, your session is shorter. Conversely, if we’re having a great time and getting phenomenal shots, we still must end the session on time. Mini-sessions also come with a pre-determined number of smaller-sized digitals (but with an option to purchase more). Minis are a great option if your family is smaller in size, your children are older, or you’re just wanting something for Christmas cards.

A: Family sessions, on the other hand, are everything minis aren’t. In addition to the location of their choice, the client gets to pick the day and time most convenient for their family. Also, family sessions aren't scheduled back-to-back, so we have lots of flexibility: no need to stress if traffic is snarled, you’re running behind or if the weather is uncooperative. And the best part is: if the session is going well, we can keep getting great shots. So you’ll end up with lots of great poses and different groupings in your final gallery. A few days after your session, we'll get together for your "gallery reveal." I love this part! You'll see your photos for the first time and have the chance to purchase digitals and wall art—so your images don’t languish on your laptop!