Which one is better?

Knowing the right size to buy can be challenging, especially when it comes to kids and women's clothes and knowing which lens to use on a photoshoot can be stressful, but some decisions shouldn't require multiple trips to the fitting room or years of experience to land on the right answer. Sometimes the choice is a little more obvious: will a Mini Cooper do the trick or are you in a phase of life where the Ford Expedition is the only one for you?

The same goes for my family clients: it should be an obvious choice between a mini-session or a full session. Choosing a mini-session may seem like the best choice because it's cheaper, but there's more to consider than the price. The same goes for a full session: it may seem the obvious choice for lots of great poses, but you've never done a family session before and you have no idea how your little ones are going react. Thankfully, both sessions are shot with a high-end camera and lenses. And both sessions include professional editing, high-quality photos, and a style guide specifically for your session type—so you can plan on having a great session!

So how do you know which one is best? Here's a helpful breakdown of each so you can decide the best option for you and your family:


If you've never done a mini-session before, you should know they're fast and furious—and only 20-minutes long.

This is a great choice if:

  • your kids are "easy" about getting their photos taken
  • your schedule is fairly flexible
  • you only need a few photos
  • and you don't plan to use the photos any larger than 8x10
  • you have a family member who dreads photos
  • you've never done family photos before

Keep in mind:

  • mini-sessions are at the date and location of my choosing
  • the weather might not cooperate
  • if you're late, your session is shortened (or missed)
  • if your child is having a bad day, there's no time for an attitude re-adjustment
  • less time means fewer great images
  • there's limited availability; I usually only do 1-2 mini-sessions in the spring and fall

Pricing: $150 for 5 images, additional images are $45 each

Full Sessions:

Full sessions give you a lot that mini-sessions don't, plus full-on customization!

This is a great choice if:

  • you have a particular place in mind
  • your kids are sometimes difficult about getting their photos taken
  • your schedule is fairly busy and you have limited availability
  • you want lots of photos—for family members, albums or wall art
  • you plan to decorate your home or office with photos of your loved ones

Keep in mind:

  • you'll have a ton of beautiful images to choose from
  • lots of time for different poses and variations
  • we can reschedule if the weather doesn't cooperate
  • if you're late, we have some flexibility—you're my only session for that afternoon or morning
  • if you child is having a bad day, there's time for an attitude re-adjustment
  • scheduling is easy! We pick a time and place that's convenient for you and your family
  • sessions usually last 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer if you're having fun!

Pricing: $175 for the session fee, packages start at $295 and include printed (or canvas) and digital items