To LOVE and to CHERISH... and to SERVE.

One expects a wedding day to be filled with joy, laughter and sweet emotions, but Lizzie & Nathan’s wedding was filled with more, so much more: a desire to serve. To serve each other, and to serve others—friends, family, clients, patients and even me, their photographer. Their professions are well-suited to them: Nathan is an accountant (soon-to-be CPA) and Lizzie is a nurse.

In the weeks’ leading up to their wedding, I reached out to the bride-to-be to finalize the wedding day timeline and tie up loose ends. At the end of one of Lizzie’s emails, she wanted to know what else she could do to help me. Help me? I was touched; I was supposed to be there to help her. How did God manage to put such a large heart in such a small person?

Their whole wedding day was a day of celebration and serving. It was very cold: a high of 29° F, but we were determined to do photos outside—it was a beautiful day and the church exterior was picture-perfect. The wedding party would throw coats on between shots then toss them off when I was ready to click the shutter. While I was shooting the bridesmaids, I turned around and the groom was standing there with his arms piled high with coats. What a servant-hearted suitor! (With a very captivating smile!)

The day was masterfully executed: the details were perfect, the food was delish, and the joy and laughter were abundant. The most precious moments, beyond the first look and the public speaking of the vows, were the quiet, unstated vows of Lizzie and Nathan to serve one another. And that is what makes marriage so sweet, so desirable, and able to withstand life’s most challenging moments. What a treasure!

Thank you for being a joyful example of what it means to love God by serving others. Congratulations, Lizzie & Nathan!