Questions about headshots? Check this out...

Q: Who needs headshots?

A: Anyone who works with clients or customers—so anyone who works B2B or B2C. And definitely anyone looking for a job!

Q: Where are headshots used?

A: Just about everywhere these days! You can use them on your website's about page, social medial profile pics (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.), directory photos for work and personal use, email signatures, promotional materials and more—

Q: What should I wear for a headshot?

A: Usually something in a color that looks good on you and will stand out from the background. For a more professional look, wear something with a collar. (PSA: It only matters from the waist up).

Q: What makes a good headshot?

A: That's easy: good lighting, flattering posing, and contrast from the background.

Q: What’s the best “vibe” for a headshot?

A: Make the vibe fit the application. Headshots should be more professional for LinkedIn, more casual for Instagram.

Q: Should headshots be in color or black & white?

A: Most people go for color, so they can pick a shirt color (or background) that helps them stand out; and matches their brand. As for black and white headshots, they tend to get overlooked unless you’re in an artistic or creative sphere.

Q: What's the best pose?

A: Shots should include just the head and collarbone, with not a lot of upper body or background showing. And you should be facing the camera (no over-the-shoulder shots)!

Q: What’s the shelf-life of a headshot?

A: If you are actively seeking employment, your headshot should be brand new. Otherwise, updating your headshot every couple of years is reasonable. If you change your hair color or style, grow or shave a beard, gain or lose a significant amount of weight, then you should do it shortly after that happens.