Outdated headshots are a hidden expense.

“What’s the biggest obstacle to updating your headshot?” It’s a question I ask often. The responses are varied, but in the same vein: they’re a hassle and they cost money.

But what if using an outdated headshot is COSTING you money? Whenever we have an appliance that isn’t working efficiently—let’s say the washer is leaking—then we fix it or replace it. Maybe it’s not as noticeable as a persistent water drip, but an outdated headshot is leaking money. How? It’s chipping away at your credibility and authenticity. It’s intercepts connection—and in this market, people are more likely to purchase from people they “know.”

A headshot can be as easy or involved as you want it to be. If you want to schedule hair and makeup, it just takes a couple phone calls to schedule it. If you prefer something a little more convenient, that’s easy, too—like what I recently did for Jamie’s headshot session.

I met Jamie at the Capitol Square in Richmond before she had an engagement at the Governor’s Mansion. She was already planning to be there so she was dressed up, with hair and makeup done. We picked multiple locations right there on the square, took several great headshots, and she still had ample time to be early to her engagement. Easy-peasy.

For those who work from home in casual attire (or pajamas), getting "presentable" requires effort—so consider doubling it up with another event. We can either squeeze in a headshot session before your event or do it afterwards.

Don’t let outdated headshots erode your business! Reach out to me—your headshot session doesn’t need to break the budget or be a struggle.