...without a smile.

Little orphan Annie, with her curly red hair and tender heart, sang an enduring lesson in the 1982 (and 2014) hit movie "Annie:" you're never fully dressed without a smile. That was saying a lot coming from a girl who had no one to love her, wore the same clothes every day and hung out with a mangy dog named Sandy. But her words still ring true—

no matter what we wear or the challenges we face, life is lighter when we see someone smile.

Dr. Murchie would agree—and he's in the business of smiles—"where you can smile with confidence," as his website says. I spent the day in the Goochland Dentistry office with Dr. Murchie and his staff, photographing them to update their visual presence for their new, amazing website. (Check it out HERE!) And boy did I see a lot of smiles! The staff was friendly, informative and easy-going. And their clients were a smiling bunch, too. You could tell from their interactions that they trusted the staff and felt respected and cared for. If you explore the Goochland Dentistry website, or better yet, go in for an appointment, you will be struck by a few things: genuine warmth, high quality of care, and a desire to serve. Their first priority is you.

Admittedly, having a couple photographers descend on your work space, disrupting your day and snapping pictures is not an easy accommodation. Dr. Murchie and his staff did it with grace. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend the day with them, capture what they do, and spread some smiles!

Just remember: no matter what you put on when you get dressed in the morning, don't forget your smile!