Ironworks Men's Grooming & Supply Co

There are barber shops in every town, practically on every block. But not every barber shop delivers like Ironworks, who touts they “build great men.” Now that’s a tag to get your attention. You don’t just walk out looking better with a tight cut or beard trim, you feel better… in fact, you are better.

Men have come to realize something women have known for a long, long time: spending time at the beauty shop (or barber shop), infuses a dose of sanity and strengthens your armor to tackle what the world throws at you.

Everything about Ironworks emanates masculinity. From the custom-made counter to the leather chairs, from wooden displays of cigars to metal sculptures. Ironworks offers local craft beer on tap with several of their cuts or a hot shave (if you’re over 21, of course). And you’ll find their logo on their shop-approved hair and beard products. There’s also unique items like t-shirts and maps. You can book a private event, a groom party or give a gift card to the special man in your life. Their branding is sharp, clean and recognizable—just like their shop. And the images they chose from their shoot fall in line with this vision.

We did a variety of shots: employee headshots, a team shot, location shots and even product details. I enjoyed the visual variety, but the employees were the highlight. They were a fun-loving, accommodating bunch that teased each other like siblings. They quickly overcame their camera shyness and started thinking up poses and different shots to do together! Love that synergy!

Looking for a great cut? Want to give yourself the chance to unwind and walk away feeling like you’re ready to take on whatever the world throws at you? Visit Ironworks by booking a service on their website: You won't regret it!