It's more than a pretty picture...

Branding photography sounds pretty straight forward at first: photography that fits your brand, right? Everyone knows a Target ad when they see one: it has lots of trendy things and red everywhere. But branding photography is more than a bunch of pretty pictures. Successful visual branding helps you stand out in a crowded market—it’s more than a look, it’s a feeling your client experiences when interacting with you. It’s how they know what your brand stands for.

With careful forethought visual branding can be a powerful tool for anyone who utilizes a visual presence. This includes small businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, influencers and anyone who has a website or social media presence. That’s just about everyone, actually.

So, what is it, exactly? Simply, it’s strategy for your pictures. The biggest difference-maker is understanding your brand. My degree in Advertising has me thinking like a strategist. It’s important to support marketing and advertising goals with strong visuals—but remember, branding should be more than just pretty pictures. By understanding your brand, we’ll tailor photographs to meet your needs, differentiating you from the competition.

Because of its strategic nature, there’s a lot that goes into a branding shoot—and most of it happens before I show up with a camera. We’ll start with a consult call, discussing your needs and goals. Then we’ll talk about your values, strengths, target audience, voice, and more. We’ll drill down to what makes your business different from the competition. We’ll also plan outfits and discuss location options. And leading up to your branding session, I’ll research your brand and we’ll have a pre-shoot call to discuss the timeline and shot list. And that’s all before the first shutter click!

I’m excited to pivot my photography business to include more branding sessions in 2023! As the new year approaches, consider a branding session to move your business forward—and please don’t settle for a bunch of pretty pictures!