Like "Hope Diamond" Special

This young lady is incredibly special… like Hope Diamond special. I’m slightly biased, though, because I’ve been photographing this amazing young woman since she was in elementary school. And now Piper’s a high school senior!

The personality that pours out of this girl warms your heart and brightens your day. She’s witty, yet approachable. She’ll ask you how you are and she’ll mean it—it’s not just a passing phrase for her. And her compliments are thoughtful and intentional. What a treasure she is!

Like most seniors her age, Piper is considering her options. She has a flair for hair and makeup, and she also enjoys listening to and helping others. So she might possibly study psychology. Or be a hairdresser. Honestly, there’s a fine line between the two: I’m pretty sure my hairdresser spends her days listening to her clients’ troubles and making them feel better about themselves! But either way, she’s looking at colleges and working on her applications.

Because each senior session is unique, we always discuss where to go and what to wear. Piper wanted to do something by the river, but then she mentioned something more “urban”— so I suggested going down to Brown’s Island/Tredegar Iron Works. Within a short walk, we get both: a more natural context, then step into an urban one across the street. And when Piper arrived with her long board—it cinched the deal. The setting was ideal.  

As for outfits, we chatted about some of her favorite casual options and she remembered a new pair of pants she just got that she loved and were oh, so, flattering. And for the more dressy options, she brought two and we decide on-location which one would be the most becoming for photos. Not gonna lie: my absolute favorite were the hightop Converse she wore for the casual shots. So dang cute.

It’s always a delight to spend some uninterrupted time with Piper. Her tenacity and personality are sure to propel her into success in whatever endeavor she decides. Congratulations, Piper, on being a SENIOR!

Watch out world, here she comes :-)!

Enjoy a few shots from her session...