Feet Firmly Planted...

A few weeks before her session, I asked Abbywhere she wanted to go for her portrait session. She grinned and told me she and her mom had talked about lots of ideas: downtown Richmond, the canal, the bike trail and more—but they hadn't narrowed it down. Wait until you see what they came up with!

There are lots of great places to take pictures in downtown Richmond (RVA)—in fact, the more difficult choice was narrowing down the options. Lots of times clients feel like they need an interesting place to take a portrait, but what's more important is good light. And we found plenty of it!

Our photo adventure started along the canal, then we hoped over to a green space to snap a few shots under the trestle train bridge, then moved to more urban settings like an intersection and the quintessential sidewalk shots. My personal favorites are the ones taken by the canal—the mural background is captivating—but the intersection and sidewalk shots are a close second.

The greatest part of photographing Abby was her smile—and the cutest dimples. I'm crazy about dimples and freckles! And after a while, she settled in and started feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I could tell because she started popping up her booted foot whenever I took a picture. But what struck me the most was she was comfortable in the urban setting and the natural one. This girl has her feet firmly planted in both worlds!

And as she moves toward the next chapter in her life, she'll remain firmly planted: one foot on today and the other stretched out towards tomorrow. Congratulations, Abby! May your next chapter be one of blessing, wisdom and the joy of blooming where you're planted.