"For Later..."

At first she was a little uncomfortable; most people are. I assured her that was a typical reaction, then preceded to point out some of the spots where we were headed and reassured her we were going to enjoy our time together. What an understatement. We had so much fun! By the end of the session, Isabella was comfortable in front of the camera... and, unabashedly, enjoying herself.

Isabella is a gem. Like all seniors graduating in 2020, nothing was certain—yet she wasn't daunted by the limited possibilities. She'd completed her 13 years of education and was ready to celebrate, whatever that looked like. I was encouraged by her optimism. But what stuck with me the most was her desire to have these photos "for later." For posterity. For her parents. For her children. For herself.

And that's a vision that resonates. I never realized how fleeting a moment was until I saw how quickly my own kids were growing up. I couldn't recreate the exact same photo even a day later—something would be different. Maybe a different outfit, a new scratch or bruise on their face, a lost tooth, a haircut to change their appearance. Each moment is fleeting, and each picture, oh, so precious.

Isabella's outlook and personality were endearing, but I must confess it was that darn cute dimple on her left cheek that won my heart. And her smile and bright eyes. Congratulations, Isabella! May your next chapter be one of blessing, wisdom and continued optimism.