Seniors 2022

Senior year is full of firsts and lasts: first college application, last Convocation, first acceptance letter, last basketball game. I love capturing seniors in that space between: the deep pause between nostalgia and anticipation. In a matter of months, they’ll be entering a whole new chapter. They might change their hairstyle, change the way they dress, make new friends, gain muscle, lose weight, grow another inch or two, and face new challenges. They'll certainly change the view from their bedroom windows, and it will probably change their perspective on life, too.

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a several seniors this year, and one in particular, holds my heart.

Andrew: dressed in tux and bow tie, his senior session was a highlight for me. I love when my male seniors dress up; it raises the bar exponentially. Andrew was casual and comfortable in front of the camera and a true gentleman: not only did he lug his cello case around without complaint or grimace, he helped me haul my red wagon full of photography gear. Kind and thoughtful, Andrew is an impressive young man. I can’t wait to see what his next chapter holds!

Connor: handsome in blue, Connor is ready for whatever is next. After years of getting up while the sun was still sleeping to go swim laps, this young man is hoping for some flexibility in his schedule. It takes dedication and hard work to commit to swim year-round. I’m sure that discipline will serve him well wherever he lands next year—

Jon: Tall and thoughtful, Jon is a bit of a Renaissance man. He sings exceptionally well, plays various sports, and works hard academically—and his grades prove it. I have pictures of Jon from 7th grade, being pushed off the dock by my son Zach, into Lake Gaston. I use those photos every year in my photography classes to demonstration fast shutter speed. Now he stands much taller than me and offers to help carry my camera bag as we change locations during his senior shoot. That happened so fast! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in the coming months!

Zach: This one has my heart; I’ve known him from before his very first breath. As a toddler, he had curly hair and carried around a blue, flannel blanket with a satin edge for comfort. As he grew, his so did his sense of humor and funny one-liners. And when he hit his teenage years, I was awed by how quickly a boy can grow, overnight, until he’s man-sized. He’s intelligent and entertaining, loyal and contemplative. He loves to wear a suit, relentlessly pursues justice and truth, and has a heart for the Lord. And I am so grateful. The Lord has a plan for him and it’s truly a privilege to watch it unfold—

Isabelle: My only female senior this year, her shoot did not disappoint! She chose to do her photos at the Laburnum House—one of my favorite places to shoot. It offers amazing light in the front room, in addition to texture and architecture details. It makes me smile just thinking about it (more on her session in a future blog post). Isabelle challenged herself this year by starting a drama club at school. Fearful it would be sparsely attended, she was shocked when over 40 students signed up. I have a sneaking suspicion this is a foreshadowing of how many things in her life will go… and it will be a delight to watch her slip into her next chapter and watch the surprises roll in.

Many thanks to these very special teenagers (and their moms) for trusting me to capture them at a very special, yet crucial time in their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed every second!