Josiah was one of the first seniors I photographed from the Class of 2023. When considering places, his mom suggested their home or a park nearby. We did both! And I’m oh-so-glad we did, because each location brought out a side of Josiah that the other one didn’t.

First, we headed to the park down the street: This is where I got to see the casual Josiah. The fun Josiah. And this is where we decided to snap a few shots of him with his Mustang. I loved taking these shots! I showed Josiah where to park and how to turn the tires out so it showed off the rims. (Little side note: my dad raised me to love cars! It’s in my genes. I know, it’s a little weird). Who wouldn’t want their picture taken with a very cool car? What a great memento!

Then, back to the house to the music room: This is where I got to see Josiah the Musician, and Josiah the Deep Thinker. I could tell immediately this was a place where he was completely comfortable. Josiah plays two string instruments—one is a lot more portable than the other—the piano, and the guitar. The creative vibes were strong! His grandmother is going to love the shot of him sitting at the piano :).

And before we knew it, the shoot was over and Josiah and I both had to leave. Teenagers aren't home much! When Josiah’s not at home, he spends his free time with friends, and enjoys being a part of his church’s praise team. Although things might look a little different for Josiah next year, as he hopes to pursue a computer science degree, he intends to keep music and ministry a central part of his life.

Thanks, Josiah, for giving me some great smiles. Continue with those thoughtful responses and daily studying of the Bible: they will serve you well. And I wish you the best in the coming months as you close one chapter and turn the page into another. Congrats on being a SENIOR!

Here's a few shots from his senior session—