23 of my favorites for 2023

I’ve always snubbed my nose at hunters in their excitement at “duck season” or “bow season,” but I’m humbled to realize I have the same excitement for the start of “senior season.” August 1st opens what I call, “Senior Season”—the few brief months I’ll be photographing high school seniors.

This year’s class, the class of 2024, indubitably has my heart. There’s just so much possibility! Who will I get to see through the viewfinder of my camera? And there’s so much to do to get ready: checking equipment, scoping out locations, updating my style guide, posting on social, and culling through past photos for inspiration.

I’ve said this before, but photographing seniors is an incredible privilege. They’re interesting, and fun, and no two sessions are ever the same. They’re on the cusp of turning a really important page in their life story, and I get to capture that moment of anticipation. It’s the space between. They’re between childhood and adulthood—they’re between schools or careers. They might move away, or they might stay in their childhood bedroom, but whatever is going on externally, there’s undoubtedly major growth going on internally. And that’s what’s so incredible.

Since it’s 2023, I thought I’d pick out 23 of my all-time favorite shots from my senior sessions. Who knew this would be so hard! Picking these out is a walk down memory lane: I’m feeling nostalgic looking at these faces—these amazing humans have done so much: graduated college, gotten engaged, impacted the world around them, and so much more! The brief time I got to spend with them was truly a treat—

Enjoy some of my GOAT (greatest of all time) senior shots!