If it lacks beauty, we despise it...

I'm not sure when I first heard the phrase "Form Follows Function" but it inserted itself in my head, like vanilla in a scone recipe, permeated my approach to things and became one of my personal "perspectives." In short, things should be beautiful, but they need function, too. If something is beautiful but lacks function, we quickly leave it and move on. But if the reverse is true, where something is functional but lacks beauty, we despise it every time we are forced to use it.

My last website strained toward beauty but lacked a high degree of functionality. After some months, I despised it. The blogging function was ugly. So unattractive and unwieldy that I lacked the motivation to write more than three posts. The more I wrote, the more I disliked it. So it languished—until a few weeks ago.

What you see now is what I had strived for all along: a bright, airy website with effortless function. The blogging feature is easy to use and appealing. I'm looking foward to writing posts! I love the Instagram bar at the bottom—and seeing the image change with my IG posts. I also love how it integrates my photos easily while the whole site is easy to navigate. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL!