Nope. Not a chance.

Years ago, as I was heading home from the grocery store, my friend Sherri called. She was expecting #3 and had just had her first-trimester checkup. When I asked it her how it went, she giggled.

Now, every mom who has been pregnant three times knows that the third pregnancy is just “bigger”—everything is a little more stretched than is was with the first baby. Sherri mentioned this phenomenon to her obstetrician, who thoughtfully pulled out his stethoscope and listened to her belly. After a moment’s pause, he grinned widely, and informed her she was bigger for a reason: she was having twins. Oh, boy (x2)!

Walking beside my friend through her pregnancy and the first few months of the twins’ lives was humbling. Twins are more than twice the work, somehow. And yet she (and her husband) bore her calling with courage, grace and tenacity. Moms of twins are incredible!

Fast forward to a few years ago: I did a senior session for a young man who had twin younger brothers. So when his mom reached out this summer and asked if I would photograph the twins for their senior year, I was delighted.

When I was in middle school, there’d been a set of twin boys in my class that looked identical; most of us couldn’t tell them apart. It wasn’t until years later that I learned twins don’t always look alike and as you’ll see from the shots in this session, Gavin and Mason fall into that second category.

Gavin, with the short hair, is a swimmer, and Mason, with the longer hair, is a volleyball player. These two young men are incredible—so different, yet similar. Their interests are varied in sports and academics: Gavin is at a public high school, while Mason is taking classes virtually—yet they both are hard-working and endeavor to help others: Mason’s heart leans towards those who are older, like senior citizens in their neighborhood, and Gavin has a heart for neighbors and church members who need a helping hand. Both boys have a tender spot for animals… which is why we HAD to include the dogs in their senior session!  

Although things might look a little different for the twins next year, both have their eyes on the future. Mason, hopes to pursue something in the field of mathematics, while Gavin, on the other hand, is hoping to pursue a career as a nurse. Thanks, Mason & Gavin, for spending a few hours with me on a sunny, fall afternoon. Continue to help others and have a heart for those around you. I wish you both the best in the coming months as you close one chapter and turn the page into another. Congrats on being a SENIOR!

Here's a few shots from their senior session—it really was twice the fun!!