How many different uses can you name?

Before you read any further, quickly jot down how many places you can think of to use your branding photos.

How many did you come up with? 12? 19? Think again. Can you list 25? You’re still missing a bunch. (Hint: I used one for this blog post.)

Stop thinking about just headshots, and consider all the different types of photos a branding session can encompass: team photos, in-progress shots, lifestyle photos, product shots, AND headshots. Now, how many places can you think of to use those images? Did you come up with forty-eight?  Yes, 48. Below is a list of 48 places to use branding photos. Which ones did you leave out? 

48 Ways to Use Personal Branding Images
  1. Facebook profile photo
  2. Website home page banner
  3. Instagram profile photo (should be a different personality than FB)
  4. Website “About Me”
  5. Business cards (especially great for real estate agents!)
  6. LinkedIn profile photo (should be a more corporate-looking photo than IG & FB)
  7. Pinterest profile
  8. Landing page
  9. Integrate it into your logo
  10. Facebook banner (that long, skinny spot where nothing fits well!)
  11. Email newsletter banner
  12. YouTube profile photo (this should be a stunning image!)
  13. Online course pages and notes
  14. Email signature
  15. Welcome kits for new clients
  16. Facebook posts
  17. Slide shows
  18. Magazine “advertorials”
  19. Product packaging/catalog needs
  20. Lead magnets (grow your audience!)
  21. Website contact page
  22. Personalizing FAQ page
  23. Online shops
  24. Lead box or pop up box (add personality/personal touch)
  25. Pinterest posts
  26. Resume or CV
  27. Thank you cards or greeting cards
  28. Blog post cover image
  29. GIFs for email newsletters
  30. E-business card
  31. Ad or banners for side of buses (don’t laugh! You never know!)
  32. Newspaper article
  33. Book cover
  34. Press kit
  35. Instagram posts
  36. Gift certificates
  37. YouTube video thumbnails
  38. Facebook ads
  39. Infographics (great for educators!)
  40. Speaking engagement promos
  41. Podcast cover images
  42. Blog post illustration photos
  43. Product brochures
  44. Presentations
  45. LinkedIn posts
  46. Promotional videos (you can integrate “stills”)
  47. Press releases
  48. Customer testimonials (get photos of your best clients during your branding shoot)

(Taken from a podcast by Paula Brennan Education—a great resource for photographers!)