Crescent Simples

Wow. Impressive" I thought as I read the label. There's nothing suspect in this ingredient list—in fact, it was all delicious, real ingredients: water, cane sugar, blueberries, and lavender. And it was a Richmond company!

Simple syrups are used to flavor coffee, cocktails, mock-tails, and anything else you might want to sweeten: sauces? hot cocoa? water? Megan & Bill, co-owners of Crescent Simples, set out four years ago to create simple syrups that were pure and flavorful—something they found lacking in the simple syrup market. It started with friends and neighbors asking them to share some of their simple syrups they always had on hand, and it grew into a 3.000 bottle A MONTH business. Today, you can find them in 35 stores locally, over 300 stores nationwide, and online.

Because they personally cook, pour, and hand-label every bottle using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, their syrups are delectable—with flavors like Blackberry Vanilla, Blueberry Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Lime Jalapeno, Peach Hibiscus, and Megan's personal fall favorite: Apple Spice. New flavors are always on the horizon. Their latest debut is a tonic syrup. Now you can create your gin & tonic just the way you like it! 

They're personal favorites: Megan loves an hot toddy or old fashioned made with their Apple Spice simple syrup. And Bill recommends flavoring your favorite "nog" or coffee drink with their Blackberry Vanilla syrup. Not sure what to do with simple syrups? They have a large online catalog of recipes. Check it out HERE.

With the upcoming holidays, you'll want to elevate your hospitality and treat your guests to a memorable beverage made with Crescent Simples! 

P.S. I have several bottles—let me know if you'd like a taste test :-).