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The Girl Behind the Camera


I love light. My favorite time of day is the rosy glow of evening or the crisp brightness of early morning. I see life as though I'm constantly looking through a viewfinder. I can't count how many times I've thought to myself, "OH! What a great shot. I wish I had my camera..." AND I have the best job in the world! I photograph people, places and things, but my favorite is probably photographing people. 


Life on the Other Side of the Camera...


On a more personal note, I’m a wife, a mom to a daughter and two sons, and a teacher. I love to reading, baking, and bike rides. I’d like to add “gardening” to this list, but I don't think pulling weeds should count as a hobby. Although I love hiking in the mountains, the beach is my happy place. I love everything about it: the surf, the sand, the sun. Oh, joy!


But I already know enough about me, I’d like to know about you... Everyone has a story. Let me help you tell your story and capture a moment that will last a lifetime…


Why I Teach


I also teach Digital Photography to high school students. It is a privilege and a pleasure! It's also a small way to give back to my community. My hope is to instill in my students an appreciation for great photography AND the desire to bless others with their own great photographs.


As any teacher will tell you, there are golden moments that stand out; giving you a glimpse into the lives of your students. Those moments are the reason you do what you do; why you teach. I'd like to share a few of those sweet moments that have meant so much to me:


From the mom of one of my students:




I just wanted you to know that your photography class has provided lots of great opportunities for [my son] and for me. He is learning so much and I enjoy watching him think and explore through the lens of a camera. These shots from my phone have nothing to do with good photography; I just thought you might like to see some "behind the scenes" photos.


Loving your class,


A note from one of my students during "Teacher Appreciation" Week:


Mrs. Prior:


Thank you for what you do. Before this year I had no clue how to take a photo or even appreciate good photography. You've opened my eyes to a world I wasn't even aware of this time last year.


Thank you,



Another mom texted me this:


...Also in the tremendous gift you've shared in helping [my son] to discover a love for photography and training an eye for detail and great composure.




And this from a recent graduate:


I've come a long way from the photography class but that was such a fun class where I developed such an appreciation for something I had never tried before!




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